Motion Lab ML RS24 2.4L Mitsubishi EVO X Pro-Built Short Block

Motion Lab ML RS24 2.4L Mitsubishi EVO X Pro-Built Short Block


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The Motion Lab Tuning RS24 engine is our top of the line block for those not willing to accept anything less than the absolute best.  Utilizing the Manley Performance billet lightweight 94mm stroker crankshaft with a large 90MM bore we are able to realize the maximum potential of both horsepower handling capabilities and displacement.  Each Manley crankshaft has a multi-step heat treatment process, nitrided, stress relieved and shot peened, includes knife-edged counterweights, fully magnafluxed, and utilizes special teardrop diagonal oiling.  This package utilizes the same robust LA Sleeves found in all of our “RS” series blocks, made of Moly2000 ductile iron material which has greater density than any other sleeve competitor. Greater material density provides consistent grain flow micro-structure.  The LA Sleeves are suitable for bore sizes from 86mm to 90mm. The Motion Lab Tuning RS22 utilizes the same Manley Performance “TurboTuff” I-beam rods forged from aircraft quality 4340 vacuum degassed material.  Each rod is shot peened after final machining and magnafluxed to ensure only the best quality ends up in your engine. The included cap fasteners are 3/8″ ARP 2000 for the standard “TurboTuff” I-Beam; with 3/8″ ARP Custom Age 625+ upgraded hardware available.  To compliment the upgraded I-Beam rods we utilize a custom set of 90MM Manley Performance “Platinum Series” 2618 forged pistons.  They are designed to be lightweight yet strong enough to offer a long service life.  Custom Manley pistons include round wire locks, premium chromoly wrist pins, and premium TotalSeal ring packs.  To ensure the best performance possible we have a high quality anti-friction skirt coating applied to piston set. Your core is thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure it is a good candidate for the rebuild process.  To recondition the crankshaft we micropolish the journals to provide a superior surface for the high quality tri-metal King XPG Race bearings used for connecting rods, mains, and thrust.  To enhance the strength of the short block assembly overall an ARP main stud kit is installed and machined with a proper line hone to ensure housing bores are consistent.  Fully blueprinted and assembled to our strict specifications in a clean climate controlled facility.

Recommended Power: Up to 1000WHP @ 8500rpm

  • Manley Performance “TurboTuff” 4340 Forged I-Beam Rods
    • ARP2000 Rod Bolts
    • ML-Spec King XPG Race Rod Bearing clearances
  • Manley Performance “Platinum Series” 2618 Forged pistons
    • 9:1 Compression Ratio
    • Custom 90MM Bore size
    • High quality Anti-friction skirt coating
    • Off-set wrist pin
    • Upgraded 9310 wrist pins (2.250”x.210” wall)
  • Manley Performance “TurboTuff” 4340 Billet 94mm Stroker crankshaft
    • 4340 Billet material
    • Multi-step heat treatment process
    • Stress Relieved and Shot Peened
    • Nitride coating
    • Magnafluxed
    • Special teardrop diagonal oiling
    • Knife-edged counterweights
    • ML-Spec King XPG Race Main bearing clearances
  • ML-Spec  Sleeved Factory Block
    • L.A. Sleeves Dry type Sleeve set
    • Good core consisting of: 5 main caps, oil squirters, crank ring, and all portions of the block
    • Thoroughly cleaned and inspected for issues
    • ARP Main stud upgrade installed

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Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 21 x 21 in