Motion Lab Subaru EJ20/25 Stage 2 Ported and Gasket Matched Cylinder head package

Motion Lab Subaru EJ20/25 Stage 2 Ported and Gasket Matched Cylinder head package


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The “Stage 2” offers a more comprehensive porting package designed for more aggressive cam grinds over our Stage 1 “pocket port” heads.  We take your supplied core cylinder heads, or new OEM castings, and refresh them to a like new condition.  Starting out with complete dis-assembly and thorough cleaning not only of the valve train components and the exterior of the castings, but the AVCS oil galleys that run through-out the castings.  From there we position the valve in the ideal location on the valve seat with a high performance 3 angle valve job.  This helps promote smoother more efficient airflow into and out of the combustion chamber.  After the valve job is done, our extensive port process begins.  First we work the bowl in the combustion chamber as well as the valve guide bosses and “pocket port” the head.  On the gasket side of the head we open the ports up and fully gasket match to the OEM gasket.  Last step is shaping the port and blending it all together for smoothest flow and incredible increase in performance.  New Subaru OEM valve stem seals and valve locks are utilized during re-assembly of the cylinder heads. Ferrea bronze valve guides are available as an upgrade.  Camshaft lash is set OEM specifications or camshaft manufacture specifications depending on cam selection provided at time of order.  Valve guide clearance is checked, OEM or Ferrea replacement valve guides are not included and may be required for an additional cost.  The cylinder heads then get milled flat with an appropriate finish for a MLS style gasket and washed one final time after machining.


  • Subaru OEM Intake and exhaust valve stem seals
  • Subaru OEM Valve locks
  • High Performance 3 Angle valve job
  • Manley Performance 37mm “RaceFlo” Stainless Steel +1mm oversized intake valve set
  • Manley Performance 32mm “RaceFlo” Stainless Steel exhaust valve set
  • Manley Performance 92LB valve spring and titanium retainer kit
  • Designed for high lift Kelford, GSC, or Brian Crower camshaft upgrade (Contact us for recommendations for your build)
  • Camshaft lash set to manufacture specification
  • Thoroughly cleaned and Pressure tested
    • AVCS Oil Galley plugs dis-assembled and galleys thoroughly cleaned
  • Valve guide clearance checked
    • Valve guide replacement may be necessary, not included in base pricing
    • Ferrea Bronze valve guide upgrade available
  • Milled mating surface
  • Fully assembled and ready to install onto your shortblock


Core Note:  A good core is consider complete cylinder head assembly without damage to the combustion chamber.  Must include matching cam caps, OEM or aftermarket camshafts, valves, valve springs, valve retainer, spring seat, and valve lifters.  New core castings are available if needed.  INBOUND SHIPPING FEES NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE.

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 16 in