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Opensource & Standalone ECU Calibration on our state-of-the-art AWD Dynamometer

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We can guarantee a positive experience and your appreciation for tuning will grow once you get Motion Lab Tuned!

Todd tuning on dyno

With over 10 years of professional tuning experience and manufacture specific training programs Motion Lab has the ability to support a wide variety of tuning software for domestic and imported vehicle applications. Close associations and support with top software companies like AEM Electonics, Cobb Tuning, and ECUTek allow us to give you quality results regarding performance tuning. While professional tuning products are much preferred these days as they offer improved functionality and less problematic flashing errors, we do still occasionally perform tuning via Opensource software for early Subaru WRX/STi and Mitsubishi Evo VIII/IX/X platforms. Our focus is not purely on wide open throttle peak power figures, but also addressing part throttle driveability and providing consistent power delivery are top priorities for our tuning service. Todd, owner and founder of Motion Lab Tuning, still performs all ECU calibrations which allows us to provide top notch local and remote post tuning support for our customers.

Motion Lab currently offers tuning services on our in-house Dynocom FX5000-AWD dynamometer. The FX5000-AWD is a loaded style dyno with a mechanical belt linkage that connects the front and rear rollers. The dyno type, particularly if it is mechanically coupled between the front and rear bed, is important for you to consider when selecting a tuner work with due to the nature of modern AWD and traction control systems. This style dyno allows for us to safely calibrate applications with advanced traction control systems from manufacturers like BMW, Nissan, Audi, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and others without fear of damage to driveline components.

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US with any questions you have about the various software tuning suites we have available or to get your next dyno tuning appointment scheduled!

Other COBB Supported Vehicles

  • COBB Porsche tuning $900
  • COBB BMW tuning $650
  • COBB Mazda tuning $550
  • COBB Volkswagen tuning $600
  • COBB Ford tuning $550

HP Tuners

  • HPTuners GM/Dodge/Ford Naturally aspirated tuning $500 (Additional one time fee of $100-$200 for HPTuner license for first time tuning clients)
  • HPTuners GM/Dodge/Ford Supercharged or Turbocharged tuning $700 (Additional one time fee of $100-$200 for HPTuner license for first time tuning clients)
  • HPTuners Mercedes tuning $900 (Additional one time fee of $400 for HPTuner license for first time tuning clients)


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